Independent Safety Inspection Reports
Safe Working Practice in the Warehouse  

Health and Safety is a major force in industry today and materials handling systems have to be designed and constructed with this in mind. SEMA and the draft FEM standards are there to ensure a common design format and expect load notices to be fitted to all installations. All suppliers of new pallet racking, shelving and other installations (for example mezzanine floors) should have structural data to back up their designs to conform to the above standards.

Second hand material obtained from unqualified sources must be considered ‘unsafe’ unless up to date validated design data can be provided together with the relevant load notices. It must be remembered the simple alteration of beam levels can extend the frames past their safe working load. Damaged components will render the racking unsafe unless repaired and certified by a qualified company. Likewise the mix of different manufacturer’s components within a pallet racking run (for example) would not be recommended and considered dangerous

Employers are responsible for all Health and Safety matters relating to the use and maintenance of racking materials. Therefore under regulation 6 of the Provision and Use of Work Equipment ‘the company’ Safety Officer should provide a planned maintenance schedule for checking all racking, shelving and mezzanine floors at regular intervals.
We offer professional Safety Inspection Reports usually at 6 or 12 monthly intervals.

This comprehensive report includes:

Report on findings
Location of damaged racking and suggested replacement
Immediate or Urgent remedial work report
Damage assessment
Drawing of installation

Areas of concern and indications of materials or practice that must be corrected are covered in the report which also provides costs for the required repairs. Consequent repairs should also be undertaken by a qualified trained construction team.
Reports are carried out to SEMA guidelines by a professional independent Safety Racking Inspector.

Please contact us for further details or to book a safety inspection report
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