Shelving Systems
  Rolled Delta Edge / British Standard Shelving

Delta and Rolled Edge Shelving Systems are fully imperial products. This is a hand loaded shelving system which can be constructed in various arrangements to suit commercial applications such as Offices, Archives, Hospitals, Local Authorities, Education, Legal, Financial and Government Departments.

The system is simple, economical and can easily be expanded by adding extension bays to satisfy individual requirements. This shelving system consists of two types... back braced or back-clad (see illustration below).

A comprehensive range of sizes are available and any combination can be supplied to allow maximum versatility. With a range of accessories it is commonly used to store Box Files, Lever Arch Files, Medical Records and Lateral Files.

All bays are supplied with 6 shelves per bay

Maximum allowable bay load is 450kg for all sizes specified. Shelf load is limited to a maximum of 90kg. This load is given for an evenly distributed load over the whole area of the shelf. When using pull out accessories, the bay must be secured to a wall or another rack for safety reasons.

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