Plastic Pallets
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A comprehensive range of plastic pallets are available offering wide width fork entry slots identical to standard wooden pallets for ease and speed location by fork-lifts. The range includes ventilated or solid decks, with or without runners, in numerous loading capacities to match your exact requirements.

Dimension have been standardised for use within all automatic systems and by all standardised transport vehicles.

Dimensional rigidity ensures perfect reliability on automatic conveyors and high bay racking. Strong, durable, hygienic, constant tare and unlike timber pallets they will not warp, rot or absorb moisture.

In fact, no other range carries so much weight!

Jumbopal Pallets
Recypal Pallets

Steel bars bonded inside an HDPE moulding are the secret behind Jumbopal's incredible strength and rigidity.
Jumpopal can safely rack loads in excess of 1.5 tonnes, from -40°C, with far less deflection than any other pallet on the market

Manufactured from recycled plastic. Recypal provides the economic solution to many storage handling and distribution application.
Will operate on all types of conveyor and can be stored on warehouse shelving.

Packpal Pallets
Biopall Pallets

The distribution pallet, strong and light for intensive trippage. Empty pallets with 9 feet nest of 62% of overall height, saving valuable space on return transport.
Strong, durable, hygienic, constant tare and used for racking loads of up to 1 tonne.

Ultimate hygiene. Developed for the food and pharmaceutical industries, smooth surfaces free dirt traps, allowing easy and thorough cleaning. Biopal can be frozen down to -40°C. Biopal can be safely stacked when not in use with integral collar.

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