Plastic Industrial Flooring

A range of plastic industrial flooring to suit all requirements from Laboratory to Workshop to Factory Assembly Lines. Whatever your application we have a flooring to suit.

Interlocking rigid floor slats provide a safe, non-slip, stable surface, are resistant to virtually all forms of chemical corrosion and considerable reduce noise levels. Ramp sections provide easy access for all handling equipment. A flexible flooring is also available that can be rolled up when fitted for easy cleaning. The range also includes Pedestrian floor slats which are ideally suited for outdoor walkways and around swimming pools, etc.

Allimat is a comfortable, pliable resilient PVC ideal for workstations. Allimat fights against operator fatigue when standing for long periods and insulates from cold. Readily conforming to floor contours, noise levels are reduced dramatically on hard floors such as concrete, steel and tiles. The material is reversible for double working life.

  Floor Slats  
Rigid Floor Slats

Interlocking to provide a safe, non-slip, stable surface and resistant to virtually all forms of chemical corrosion. Ramp sections provide easy access for all handling equipment.

Honeycomb Floor Slats

Designed to satisfy the needs of Health and Safety Regulations. They are hygienic, durable and considerably reduce noise levels.

Pedestrian Floor Slats

The ideal surface for outdoor walkways, around swimming pools, showers, etc.

Polypropylene Floor Grille

Designed for poultry rearing this floor grille is hygienic and easy to clean. The all-plastic construction and minimal surface area reduce risk of infection. Quick and easy to install - can be cut to size.

Raised Flooring

Easy and quick to install or dismantle, feet simply twist-lock into the base of each panel, no tools required. Can be cut to size. Flexible Flooring

Non-slip flexible safety flooring slats that can be rolled up when fitted for easy cleaning.

Allimat Flooring

Safety and fatigue relief matting. Ribbing in each direction provides extra safety grip, both to floor and to people or traffic using using the matting. Readily conforms to floor contours. Comfortable, pliable PVC makes this an ideal flooring for work stations and assembly lines. Noise levels are dramatically reduced.

Alligrid Flooring

Corrosion resistant flooring manufactured in glass reinforced polyester. Alligrid walkway and stair-tread grating is strong and safe. Available in four different application grades... Foot Traffic, Light / Heavy Traffic, Heavy Traffic and Very Heavy Traffic.

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