Pallet Racking Safety Products

Most stores and warehouses are busy environments - fork truck traffic, personnel, hand pallet trucks... everyone busy and up against the schedule. We all know it's a simple thing to clip the end of a rack or nudge an upright - but here is a way to help protect your staff and your investment.

Please note both column and upright guards encroach on the clear entry of a bay... please contact us for further advice.


Column Guards
These are steel and bolted to the floor at the base of the columns. Tough and robust they can withstand reasonable damage thus protecting the more expensive-to-replace upright. With these column guards the critical base point of your racking columns is protected.


Upright Guards
Upright guards, either in steel (bolted to the upright), or polyethylene (held in place with cable ties), will fit onto any make of racking and are available in a variety of heights. They are easy to fit and can withstand quite serious damage before replacement of the guard is necessary. Both designs are neat, being a good fit and are brightly coloured - an obvious advantage to access and safety in general.

These are available on an installed or supply only basis but must only be fitted to a completely undamaged upright in every case. If not, any damage will be hidden and subsequent formal inspection of the installation will either have to be at the rear of these uprights or pronounced 'unseen' and therefore of 'unknown safety' by the inspecting engineer. Likewise visible scuffing of the protector may imply the upright is damaged and the engineer will also seek to have clear uninterrupted viewing of such uprights.


Rack End Protectors
These are steel, bolted construction located at the end of racks which have main trucking or pedestrian traffic. Also commonly sited in rack underpasses.

Painted in bright colours (usually alert orange or hatched black and yellow) they are tailor made to suit your particular application.

Illustrated here are three typical designs but contact us for specific tailor made requirements.

Please contact us for further details on Safety Products for your application
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