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Multi-tier Picking Galleries offer an alternative to conventional high bay picking systems, reducing the capital cost of handling equipment yet providing intensive use of warehouse space.

Picking galleries offer order picking flexibility for a changing world where fast response times are paramount. Walkways allow immediate access to picking faces enabling operational changes to be effected more easily to meet seasonal demands.

The general concept is to provide storage modules offering combinations of options ranging from storing full palletised loads to broken bulk for order picking. This is achieved by in-filling all or alternate gangways with in rack walkways to allow for separate safe pedestrian access.

Projects require accurate interface between perimeter structural steel work and pallet racking and the flexibility to introduce dynamic picking elements. As specialists, Norfolk Storage Equipment have the advantage of being able to offer complete control over design, manufacture and installation on all major elements of multi-tier systems.


Multi-tier construction can be stack-constructed with several overall floors, or with continuous uprights and intermediate floors. Floors can be either solid panels or open grating. Panel floors are more common as operating noise can be reduced, pallet trucks can be used and there is no risk of dust or other debris falling through. Floor panels are available in different strength qualities depending upon required application. The panel surface can be finished with a decorative wear-resistant layer and the underside can be finished with a white melamine layer for light reflection.


The flexibility of multi-tier live storage is shown here, whereby alternate aisles are in-filled with walkways. This system allows pallets to be loaded from the truck aisle then gravitate to picking faces on all three.


Application for multi-tier vary considerably. This picture shows a multi-tier garment hanging system


Our service covers site surveys and product analysis to provide a comprehensive proposal. CAD drawings are supplied when necessary to compliment our proposal and presentation.

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