Pallet Racking Systems
  Mobile Pallet Racking  

Mobile Pallet Racking saves considerable space as the number of aisles can be reduced to a minimum. Another advantage is that each pallet remains directly accessible. Mobile pallet racks are often used where storage space is expensive, in freezer and cold stores, for example.

Each rack is mounted on a mobile baseframe with drive and control maintenance being reduced to a minimum. The construction height of the baseframe is limited to 245mm. Wheels and axles are manufactured from special high-quality steel, suitable for very high loads...12 to 18 tons per wheel as standard. The number of motors staggered in the baseframes ensures that the drive is distributed evenly, even over longer lengths.


The sensor controlled guide system 'reads' the line along which the mobile baseframe travels. The wheels run on flat rails, so that twisting, jamming or de-railing is impossible. If the sensor cannot follow the ideal line because of an obstacle, drive is stopped immediately so that no dmage can be done.

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