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  Long Span Shelving

If you need to store bulky or heavy items - the answer is Longspan Shelving. Norfolk Storage Equipment offer a comprehensive range of pre-fabricated frames and beams to accommodate a wide selection of loading requirements.

Custom made installations can be built to suit most commercial, industrial and retail environments where long unrestricted shelving bays are required.

Heavy duty, hand-loaded shelving for:
Archive Storage
Component Storage
Bulk Storage
High Rise Shelving Systems
Mobile Shelving Systems
Retail Storage and Display
Two-Tier Shelving Systems
Industries and Services of all kinds.

Smart Appearance
Using the standard colours - uprights in Graphite Grey and other components in Link Grey - you can create a storage area of very smart and professional appearance. Other upright colours include Euro Green, Burgundy Red and Suave Blue.

Easily Assembled
The Longspan system just clips together, allowing quick installation and beam adjustment.



Shelving materials can be supplied to meet specific requirements. Choose from galvanised steel panels, chipboard or timber.

Proven Quality
Conforming to BS5750 and ISO 9000, Euro NORM 9001 as well as NATO Standard AQAP4, the system offers durability, strength and reliability, whatever the application.


Our service covers site surveys and product analysis to provide a comprehensive proposal. CAD drawings are supplied when necessary to compliment our proposal and presentation.

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