Pallet Racking Systems
  Live Storage Pallet Racking  

Live Storage Systems provide a compact storage method, combined with the first-in / first-out principle. The pallets roll down a sloping roller track under the influence of gravity from the loading face to the picking face. A gradient of 4% is usual, and this can be achieved using standard hook-in beams..

When damp wooden pallets, or pallets with differing weights are to be stored in the racking, extra measures are required, such as brake rollers, a different gradient or a modified roller distance. With use of a special connector the system is extremely versatile and allows the gradient to be infinitely adjusted. This connector will withstand very high loads and makes it possible to rearrange the rack construction for new or different product groups.


Full-width rollers are often used in roller tracks where stacking and unloading is carried out by forklift trucks.

It is possible to lift up and put down pallets on the slightly sloping roller tracks by tilting the truck mast.

There is also automatic rack-handling equipment with adjustable fork dipping.

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