Pallet Racking Systems
  Integrated Pallet Racking  

Carton live storage provides a fast efficient order picking operation. Shelving trays can easily be integrated with standard racking. Products are placed in dedicated lanes where they are held in-train for automatic gravity feed to the picking face. Back up stock is held in bulk pallet storage above.

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Gravity live storage installed for order picking from raised ground floor pallet locations. Hysteresis wheels automatically provide safe quiet control of pallets offering a first-in first-out capability. Storage two pallets deep ensures fast moving products are never out of stock.

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Meeting the demands of major changes in Fire and Safety regulations, we offer wire shelving modules which easily convert pallet racking into shelving. Panels simply drop over support beams for easy installation and relocation. These are offered with a wide range of accessories including Kwik-Klip dividers, carton stops, sprinkler flue spacers and hanging garment adapters.

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Hanging Garment racking been developed by engineering a wide range of accessories to combine with standard racking. Simple freestanding installations or high level multi-tier structures, interfaced with conveyor systems are available.

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