Bulk Storage Containers
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A comprehensive range of plastic bulk storage containers are available offering wide width fork entry slots identical to standard wooden pallets for ease and speed location by fork-lifts. The range includes ventilated or solid sides and bases, with or without runners, in numerous loading capacities to match your exact requirements.

Light but strong, all containers are designed to be safe stacking, each model interlocks to form a secure and stable stack. Hygienic, impact resistant, maintenance free and impervious to most forms of chemical corrosion.

Smooth versions provide maximum hygiene in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Smooth surfaces free dirt traps, allowing easy and thorough cleaning.

Crescendo Folding Box Pallets Folding Box Range

Boxes fold to only 398mm high when not is use - saving valuable space. They are easy and quick to assemble and fold by a single person.

Tough, strong and rigid, carrying a unit load of 500 Kg. They are designed not to retain water.

A Range of heavy duty folding box pallets capable of carrying a unit load of up to 680 Kg. Easy and quick to assemble, the sides simply snap-lock together.

Drop doors allow easy access to the contents. All models in the range can be supplied with a lid.

Jumbox Range Geobox Range

Reinforced with internal steel bars the 650 litre Jumbox possesses unrivaled strength with a unit loading of up to 650 Kg.and will operate in temperatures from - 40°C to + 40°C.

Smooth versions available for food and pharmaceutical industries.

Light but strong, available in three sizes: 543, 373 and 260 litre capacities. Safe stacking, each model interlocks to form a secure and stable stack.

Hygienic, impact resistant and maintenance free. Available with solid or vented sides and bases.

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