Barrier Systems
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 Static Screen - Unitrans  

Static Screens can be used for any size of building and can provide maximum safety, flexibility and immediate cost savings.

Heat Retention
Barriers and Curtains provide big savings for hundreds of UK companies faced with the problem of heat loss and draughts in all types of industrial buildings. Payback periods can be measured in months, providing major benefits to the company and staff. Manufactured from flexible fire resistant fabrics up to Class O. BS476 fire safety regulations.

Dust Barriers
Flexible Dust Barriers can be fitted around awkward pipes and ducting to create floor to roof dust proof enclosures. Maximum daylight visibility is ensured with BS translucent fire retarded reinforced materials.

Temporary Dust Barriers
Temporary containment barriers are a simple quick solution to dust created by contractors, enabling both building work and food processing to continue unhindered. Emergency 24 hour around the clock service when required with our own team of fitters.

Safety Enclosures
Containment enclosures are fitted with flexible vision panels to safeguard personnel working alone in toxic and dusty conditions. Special ground fastenings keep curtain base snug to the floor with easy seal ports provided for services.

Storage Depots and Warehouses
Partition off unused space to create safe security areas and ensure minimum heat loss. Protected areas can be provided complete with personnel and fire crash out panels. Solid metal clad insulated walls and doors can also be incorporated up to 2.5m for maximum security.

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