Pallet Racking Systems
  Adjustable Pallet Racking

Offering 100% selectivity, this is the most widely used pallet racking system, being static and fully adjustable with a choice of frame options and profiles giving a load capacity from 6 to 20 tonnes per bay. Normally of bolted construction, this allows for a damaged part to be replaced without the need to renew the complete frame. Beams are also available in a wide range of profiles and are fully adjustable to within 75mm.

Specification of beam clear entry depends on the loads to be carried, but the choice is extensive. Frame heights up to 10 metres are standard. Higher specifications are possible but specialist design assistance from our technical team will be required.

Typically, counter balance and reach truck fork lifts are used with static adjustable pallet racking.


Multi Product Storage
100% Selectivity
Choice of frame options and profiles
Load capacity: 6 to 20 tonnes per bay
Standard frame height up to 10 metres
Higher spec. is possible - ask our technical team
Pallets of various sizes and weights can be   accommodated
Regular maintenance checks are vital
Counterbalance trucks with 3m plus aisles
Reach trucks for 2.6m plus aisles
Bendi trucks for 2.2m plus aisles
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