Norfolk Storage Equipment Ltd is an independent company offering a comprehensive range of products covering all areas of storage. These include:

Storage equipment products and services:
Whether storing on pallets, in boxes or loose goods and whatever shape, size and weight of product we can help determine which storage answer can be tailor made to suit your company’s needs. Most systems can be used together to compliment different product and picking requirements.  We can also help with Local Authority approvals and Health and safety issues.

Safety inspections:
Safe working practice in the warehouse is critical and we recommend rack safety inspections at least on an annual basis.  All suppliers of new racking, shelving and other systems (for example mezzanine floors) should have structural data to support the system design and conform to the latest known SEMA/FEM standards.
Please note second hand material obtained from unqualified sources must be considered ‘unsafe’ unless up to date validated design data can be provided together with the relevant load notices. Also be aware the simple alteration of beam levels can extend the frames past their safe working load. Likewise, damaged components or a mix of different manufacturer’s products can be unsafe and considered dangerous.
We offer independent professional Safety Inspection Reports to SEMA guidelines and recommend 6 monthly or annual intervals. These are comprehensive and cover location of damage, suggested replacement, indicating whether immediate, urgent or condemned supported by drawings. All consequent repairs should be undertaken by a qualified trained construction team.

Local Authority Approvals
Our expertise in this area will guide you through UK Building Regulations, Health and Safety aspects and any other statutory legislation you need to consider. Typically, these are required for Mezzanine floors/partitioning/over rack and two tier structures.

Archive services
We can provide archive box storage solution within your own premises, but we can also offer an offsite solution at our Archive facility in Attleborough Norfolk. Archive Logistics Ltd. is a sister company dedicated to the storage and retrieval of records, files, statutory books and other data.